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Audeo Fortis | Business Advisors and Management Team Support with a Difference

We were set up specifically to help SMEs overcome barriers to business. We understand how to problem solve for SMEs and bring the best of experience we’ve taken from the world of the large-corporate.

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For SME owners it can be hard to access good expertise.

It’s not always easy to identify whether you have a need, and even harder to justify the expense when you’re already trying to balance the books.

So how do you access that expertise and value, but still retain control of your business?

…you call us.

We were set up specifically to help SMEs overcome barriers to business. We understand how to problem solve for SMEs and bring the best of experience we’ve taken from the world of the large-corporate.

We apply this knowledge in a way that helps future-proof the business, protect from risk you don’t know you have, and all the time improving the business so you spend less time managing and more time growing.

Because as an SME, why shouldn’t you have access to that sort of support?

Wondering whether we’re the right thing for your business? See how many times you answer ‘no’ to the following statements:

  • I have enough time to do everything I need to in the business

  • I have a good work-life balance

  • I’m rarely dragged down in to the day-to-day management problems

  • I have enough time to focus and deliver on the strategy of what we’re doing

  • I am confident in our future plans


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As a business owner you instinctively get this. Your ideas drive the business forward and always have, but the competitive environment is getting tougher and often left-field surprises can throw you off course.

There is never the proper amount of time to keep your eyes on direction (when you’re being drawn in to the day to day management) and often you don’t have the necessary information at hand to enable well informed decision making.

We help businesses streamline their strategic management and reporting, as well as establish a programme management style for everything going on in the business.

We are experienced in financial and qualitative analysis, programme and project management techniques, and strategy development. We interpret and analyse data not just summarising the numbers but giving genuine insight to impact and connecting this to strategic direction.


Threats and opportunities in the external environment are plentiful and for SMEs that can mean a lack of time to tackle all the issues, or paralysis of the business strategy.

AI & robotics, other technology advancements, political instability around the world, a changing legislative landscape, shifting economic confidence, GDPR, Brexit…the list goes on.

We help businesses look up and out in a fast changing world.

We are experienced at providing insight through researching trends in sectors and forming a commercial view, looking at likelihood of change and impact on the existing business.


Sometimes you just need to be able to tap in to expertise and advice on a continual basis to keep a healthy level of challenge, and help guide decisions and monitor strategic risk.

We help businesses access senior management help by sitting on the board providing advice, support and a sounding board that enables a regular heartbeat of decision making and monitoring of the strategy.


When it comes to risk and quality they’re often the last areas of the business you think of formalising. They’re assessed through every activity you do, so it feels like adequate coverage.

But, you sometimes find yourself in a position where risk has escalated quickly without warning, or you’re experiencing quality issues and are unable to break the cycle of dealing with defects rather than exploring the root causes.

We help businesses apply risk and quality management in a way that’s suitable for SMEs – not about the paperwork, about the value-add.

We are experienced in enterprise level risk management, meaning we’ve got the edge on best practice. We look at how you can weave risk and quality management more in to the day-to-day to avoid it becoming a paper-pushing exercise. These areas aren’t ‘nice to have’ they should be embedded parts of managing the business.


Strengths and weakness in the internal environment bring challenges for SMEs. In this case resources (people, time, money) are usually your biggest limiting factor to growth or change, and you’re making decisions every day on how to best deploy at the expense of other activity.

We help businesses cut through the noise and build ‘ways of working’ that are slick, efficient and add-value.

We are experienced at being able to identify and separate wasteful activities and help bring your organisation on a journey of transformation and change – freeing up those scarce resources and increasing headroom in the business so that you can maximise activities with inherent value.


Give-back isn’t just a term that we spout, our business is built on the people that make it and the communities we serve and support.

We provide pro-bono consulting to support small and fledgling businesses without the resources to access good advice and undertake every year to fundraise, promote a better society and make a difference to peoples lives particularly in relation to diversity and inclusion.


The best perspective to have in business is an outside perspective. Even if the only purpose is to confirm that you’re on the right track.
— James McMillan, Founder of Audeo Fortis


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