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My career story - an interview with James McMillan

It’s a completely different way of thinking – you have to balance your own rich experience with the experience of others in order to make decisions. Distinguishing your own professional judgement with what other people know is exciting and gives you a great opportunity to learn from others. There is also a fine line between developing a leadership style and sticking to yours. There will always be feedback of how you could do better or approach something differently but there comes a time in everyone’s career where you actually want to make a conscious choice to say “I like the way I do this” or “this is the way I want to work” and stick by it. That’s tough to do at first!

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5 things future LGBT leaders can do to ensure success

This weekend I attended the EurOUT 2016 conference in London. The event, organised by the Out in Business club at London Business School, is designed for graduate students, MBAs, PhDs and alumni from top business schools around the world – and has seen exponential growth over the past few years.

I approached the conference expecting to learn about aspects of my personal development that would help me ‘rise to the top’ but as I listened to the panels and distinguished speakers I was struck by how much work there is still to do to change the environment for inclusion in the workplace, and I came away with a much more personal sense of responsibility towards the part I have to play in that.

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