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Legalo to offer discounted templates to Audeo Fortis Clients and Followers

As a small business owner ourselves we know how difficult it can be to balance compliance and risk with cost.

Particularly when it comes to supply agreements, GDPR, and protecting yourself under employment law, it can be a tricky thing to balance the cost of doing things 'bells and whistles' with also drafting some of these things yourself.

We always recommend seeking the advice of an expert and solicitor but we recognise that for many business owners this is not an option, and you might take on a higher level of risk in return for templates that you can use as a starting point.

We're very pleased therefore to be able to provide discounted access to Legalo who provide "Expertly-drafted, legal templates for your business."

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When not to measure - why business performance management can fail

Today we've been reading up on the views of Dr Chris Ford FCA, fellow of the ICAEW and academic advisory member to the Finance and Management Faculty Committee.

Some great insight into why sometimes the measurement systems we use don't always result in the behaviours our businesses need, but also what you might do about it.

Download a copy here: When not to measure


In summary the key headings were:

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