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When is a re-brand not a re-brand?

Dawn Goddard has been at the epicenter of PR and management for many years so we were thrilled when she asked us to help her explore a re-brand for Deus Management..

What started as a simple request for help understanding where and how to go about refreshing an old logo, quickly unearthed a different set of needs.

Deus Management was previously the brand name of Dave Goddard's business. He'd previously used the brand for his football agency and crisis management work, and over time the husband and wife team had brought both businesses together under the same name.

Audeo Fortis instead proposed that Deus Management should first have a strategy workshop to analyse the market position and service offering under the co-joined brand.

It was clear that the businesses together had a very different power and in particular for Dawn, who looks after the interests of celebrities and public figures, the workshop highlighted potential for a new service line 'life after football' specifically for her footballer clients transitioning to the world of business using their public profile.

Once the workshop was completed and the strategic direction and market positioning determined, this new identity was then translated in to a visual identity - the original reason for the approach. The old logo was given a radical shake up to something clean, crisp and representative of the new business.


Out with the Old…

Out with the Old…

…and in with the new!

…and in with the new!

Dawn and Dave separately looked at six different designs based on the new brand values and independently chose the same one.

We were particularly pleased to hit the back of the net at the first pass, and are excited to be retained as ongoing strategic advisers to Deus Management for the second half!