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Legalo to offer discounted templates to Audeo Fortis Clients and Followers

As a small business owner ourselves we know how difficult it can be to balance compliance and risk with cost.

Particularly when it comes to supply agreements, GDPR, and protecting yourself under employment law, it can be a tricky thing to balance the cost of doing things 'bells and whistles' with also drafting some of these things yourself.

We always recommend seeking the advice of an expert and solicitor but we recognise that for many business owners this is not an option, and you might take on a higher level of risk in return for templates that you can use as a starting point.

We're very pleased therefore to be able to provide discounted access to Legalo who provide "Expertly-drafted, legal templates for your business."


Legalo are offering client's and followers of Audeo Fortis 50% off their prices which we think is a pretty great deal. For anything you want to purchase just add to basket and use our special discount code at the checkout AUDEOFORTIS02

More than that, they have also offered us a Business Compliance package that is normally charged at £199.95 for FREE. To get this just click through to the link, add to basket and use the code AUDEOFORTISFREE02

The package contains:

  • Terms and conditions of business (4 different versions – for B2B or consumers; goods and/or services)

  • GDPR privacy notices (2 different versions – for contractors, staff and recruitment candidates)

  • GDPR contract addenda – data warranties (2 different versions – for customers and suppliers)

  • GDPR record of data processing activities

  • Staff contract of employment

  • Anti-corruption and bribery policy

  • Modern slavery policy (optional)

  • Website terms of use

  • Website privacy policy (GDPR compliant)

  • Website cookies policy (included within the above privacy policy)

  • Email disclaimer statement