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The Art of the Beautiful Game

Building on the success achieved by Thomas Wolski at previous events and exhibitions (#ArtofBentley and #Tribe17), Tom once again turned to us for help in project managing his showcase at Manchester City Football Club.

At first glance you might think it an odd collaboration, but MCFC commissioned Tom to create a unique artwork for the 2017/18 football season and agreed a license to gift prints to all the visiting UEFA teams.

This bank holiday weekend saw the trophy being lifted by champions MCFC at the Etihad Stadium and the original artwork (now available for a collector to buy) along with other key pieces were showcased in the award winning Tunnel Club.

We assisted Tom in the only way we know how: by getting our hands dirty.

  • Project management of the event

  • Set up and creation of electronic point of sales linked to eCommerce solution

  • Logistics, transportation, installation and de-rigging

  • Liaising with MCFC staff to take away the admin burden

  • Security and set-up

  • Creative suggestion and commercial advice

  • Design of showcase brochures to promote work

  • Copy writing biography and brochure content

  • All day on site attendance to represent artist and answer questions from guests