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WOW HOW gets ready to disrupt

The world of make-up might be highly competitive, but that isn't stopping serial entrepreneur Gaynor Matthews from challenging the way things are done.

Make-up can be complex and confusing for many. Although YouTube and blogs have made make-up more accessible, it's not easy to find (and copy) good quality tutorials, nor is the user specifying the content.

Equally people are often too intimidated to visit the beauty counter, and forget what they've been shown as soon as they've left. Feeling a huge gap between the customer experience and the available technology, Gaynor set out to investigate.

When she started researching, it became apparent that no matter the age most women needed an avenue to explore make-up in an easy way and buy the products straight from their phone. They wanted to learn the best techniques, try new colours and products, and understand what would work for their skin tone and facial features. Existing technology was clunky and didn't give the wide-ranging functionality that people were crying out for.

The result has been to design and develop an app pioneering the use of the latest AR and VR technology to deliver her vision. With patents pending on two new technologies, and now in its final round of development, the app has already attracted interest from household names and looks set to shake up the industry to give consumers what they crave.

Gaynor says:

"We used make-up and beauty experts to create looks and design tutorials that really open up the possibilities for those who want to try new make-up without the hassle. Everything in the app from the personalised 3D mannequin, to being able to match looks to your skin tone and then follow a step-by-step tutorial, have been designed to improve the customer experience.

Our recent partnering with Audeo Fortis has been fantastic. The work we've done on bringing together our corporate identity, strategy and business plan, has enabled us to really accelerate our plans. We've been able to start seeking investors for our second round of fundraising much earlier than planned, and are now actively seeking £150k of new investment to help us grow.

Being so close to the project it's been invaluable to have that objective external advice, and know that support is at the end of the phone whenever we need it."

James says:

"In this market consumers are increasingly turning to technology as they move away from traditional bricks and mortar retailers. The demand for new technology development is huge as brands seek new ways to connect and engage with customers. Social change driven by platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram has never been more prevalent and continues to impact commerce.

Gaynor and her expert team are extremely well positioned to disrupt the industry and make some serious waves! We've been really excited by both the prospects for the business and how together we've been able to speed up getting to market."


Notes for editors:

  • Incorporated in 2015, WOW HOW uses the power of learning to deliver connected engagement between consumers and businesses. Responding to the changing trends in consumer purchase behaviour they create new experiences using cutting edge technology.

  • Audeo Fortis provides business advice and management team support to SMEs across the UK. Established in 2017 the business was founded by James McMillan, a chartered accountant with a passion for helping business improve their performance.