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Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator programme launches in London

Coutts & Co have announced that they are supporting the Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator programme (powered by Natwest).

Following the success of 12 regional hubs, the programme is now launching in London.

Coutts say...

Entrepreneurial Spark help make start-up and scale-up entrepreneurs more credible, backable and investable by providing free space, expertise and the power of the Coutts network.

For centuries, Coutts has been the bank of pioneers and today our entrepreneurs client group proudly work with more than 20,000 innovative entrepreneurs. Businesses accepted into our programme will therefore also benefit from having a dedicated Coutts mentor who will share their extensive insight and expertise.

The programme is fully funded and there’s no equity taken from businesses that join.

What businesses qualify to apply?

  • revenue-generating businesses with potential for high growth

  • secured £25,000 of investment or have an annual turnover in excess of £100,000

  • available to pitch in London during the week commencing 17 July and, if successful, for a boot camp on 8 August

What's on offer?

  • the world's largest free people accelerator for early stage and growing ventures

  • a series of kickass enablement programmes that grow the mindset of the entrepreneur (action-focused and specifically designed to build the people who build great businesses)

  • focus of Entrepreneurial Spark is squarely on the individual, developing behaviours which allow for that serious business acceleration and growth

How do you apply?

Just complete the Coutts Entrepreneurial Spark application form by 5pm on Friday 7 July.